SciRecipes – Cookbook of Curiosity

10 science themed recipes designed to satisfy both your curiosity and hunger

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This is not another DIY kitchen experiment book. You learn to make award-winning, tasty recipes where no food is wasted. Invite your friends around, cook for the family or take treats into work where you can share your new found knowledge from the ‘sciency’ bit.


SciRecipes is more than teaching science. We want to share stories behind the scientific discoveries, we want to encourage creative ways of thinking and we want to fire-up the imagination all whilst satisfying those taste buds. This cookbook of curiosity will take you on a journey from the centre of the earth out to the distant stars of our galaxy and answer your questions in between.



- Illustrated step-by-step instructions

- Mix of sweet and savoury recipes

- Choose your own adventure contents page

- Informative ‘sciency’ bit

- Top tips and baking guide

and a

- Great Taste 2019 award winning recipe – Saturn’s Bagel Rings


How does SciRecipes work?

SciRecipes smashes together science and baking to turn the complex into something simple and tasty. Whether you are perplexed by pulsars or flummoxed by fusion our mission is to teach everyone a little more about the planet they live on and the scientific principles that govern it.

We do this by taking everyday recipes and twisting them with science. For example, Journey to the Centre of the Pizza uses different toppings to teach you the different layers of the Earth. The ‘sciency bit’ describes what the different layers are made of and some history behind the discovery. Each SciRecipe is split into two parts.

First the recipe that contains step-by-step illustrated guides. Simply follow the instructions to make some delicious treats. The second part is the ‘sciency bit’. Sit back, relax and learn what science your treats are all about. There is a mix of sweet and savoury recipes covering a wide range of topics from Earth, to Life, to Space. The 10 included in this book are;


- Herschel’s Choc-Orange Star Biscuits

- Saturn’s Bagel Rings

- Peppermint Moons

- Anning’s Coprolite Cupcakes

- Franklin’s DNA Pasta Bake

- Primordial Noodle Soup

- Turing’s Banana Split Bombe Glacée

- Rainbow Rice

- Meitner’s Fission Cheesecake

- Journey to the Centre of the Pizza


Our mission

I often meet people who, when they find out I’m a geologist, have a lot of questions about the science of the earth. It has made me realise that whilst curiosity can exist into adulthood there are barriers to continued learning. The reasons for this are varied; from a lack of confidence, expense, or poor access to places to search for answers. This cookbook is an alternative way to learn science. It should appeal to those that enjoy food, don’t like waste and not afraid to express their creative flair.

Science and Engineering are changing and our future depends on the diversity of ideas created by many minds. Here at SciRecipes we believe everyone should have an opportunity to learn and express themselves in a way that suits them. So, throw out the traditional textbooks and give this a go instead.


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SciRecipes Cookbook of Curiosity

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