Ewwww, what's that smell?

It's not just the bones of a dinosaur that got fossilised but what came out of their rear ends to.  These delicious vanilla and chocolate cupcakes will introduce you to the woman who discovered what coprolites were and how studying them can help us learn more about how prehistoric animals used to live.

Anning's Coprolite Cupcakes

  • Makes 8 vanilla sponge cupcakes with chocolate buttercream


    Allergy advice

    Contains - Gluten



    What's included in your purchase?

    • Dry ingredients, cupcake cases, piping bag and recipe/sciency bit (laminated paper printed double sided)
    • Postage and Packaging


    What's not included your purchase?

    Some recipes need additional ingredients/items before you can bake.

    • Salted butter
    • Eggs
    • Vanilla essence
    • Muffin baking tin