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By combining tasty ingredients, experimentation with flavours and a little baking know-how we bring science to life

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Like the Large Hadron Collider, SciRecipes smashes together science and baking to turn the complex into something simple and tasty.  Whether you are perplexed by pulsars or flummoxed by fusion our mission is to teach everyone a little more about the planet they live on and the scientific principles that govern it.


We achieve this by modifying common recipes in a way that can explain something scientific.  For example, the recipe for Coprolite Cupcakes is a simple vanilla sponge with a swirl of chocolate buttercream.  Each recipe includes a ‘sciency bit’ that teaches the principle behind the name, in this case, coprolite being the geological name given to fossilised poo.

So whether you are a kid looking for a fun way to learn science, a parent looking for a rainy-day activity, a friend looking for the perfect gift for a grown-up geek or someone that wants to make cake day in the office a little more exciting SciRecipes has something for you!


Meitner's Fission Cheesecake
This mouth-tingling cheesecake is flavoured with lemon and decorated with pooping candy. It introduces the process of nuclear fission, who discovered the process and the uses for it.
Journey to the Centre of the Pizza
Pineapple on pizza? Yummy for some, controversial for others and can be easily changed for other toppings just so long as you follow the recipe whilst decorating the pizza. Read the 'sciency bit' to learn all about the different layers of the Earth.
Burnell's Pulsar Biscuit
Lighthouses of the Sky - Learn about a different type of star that was only discovered in 1967. This simple recipe teaches you why astronomers first thought they were alien signals, the people behind the discovery and how they finally learnt what was really going on.
Peppermint Moons
That's one small step for man...Learn about our rocky partner in the night sky with this really easy recipe. Find out how it was formed, how old it is and who was the first to step foot on it.
Anning's Coprolite Cupcakes
It's not just the bones of a dinosaur that got fossilised but what came out their rear ends to. These delicious chocolate cupcakes will introduce you to the woman who discovered what coprolites were and how studying them can help us learn more about how prehistoric animals used to live.
Gingerbread Dinosaurs
These flavoursome gingerbread biscuits introduce you to the Age of the Dinosaurs! Learn more about the different species, how they lived and ultimately what led to their extinction.
Bake with Jake Top Tips
Jake helps you bake and learn with SciRecipes. Includes an introduction into how SciRecipes works, some safety tips and what to do if things go wrong.
Turing's Banana Split Bombe Glacée
Discover how a group of British men and women cracked the Enigma code during World War II, about the top secret place where they lived and worked and how their work led to the invention of the computer.
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Baking kits that will fit through most letter boxes.  Contains all the dry ingredients needed, recipe card and sciency bit.

If you're already a whizz in the kitchen and just want to purchase the recipe then head here.  Also includes recipes that we can't sell as kits.

Get your recipe cards straight away.  After purchase you'll be sent an e-mail with a link to your download.