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By combining tasty ingredients, experimentation with flavours and a little baking know-how we bring science to life


Here at SciRecipes we love some music on in the background whilst baking.  Scientific research even suggests that having it play in the background can help when concentrating on a task.  So we have created three playlists for you to enjoy whilst you bake, learn and clean-up.

Click on the pictures below to open up the playlists in Spotify or scroll down to listen straight away!

Put this playlist on in the background whilst you measure ingredients, sift flour and whisk eggs.  Rock On!

A list of our favourite science fiction movie soundtracks to listen to whilst you learn lots of amazing facts.

Cleaning up, whilst a drag, is an important part of the SciRecipe process.  Press play and we can guarantee that you'll be singing and dancing your way around a clean kitchen in no time!


Watch some of the videos we have created that uses food to try and explain fun and exciting scientific principles.  You can view them here or go directly to our YouTube channel.

The Tale of Two Custards

Did you know that not all volcanic eruptions are the same? Different chemistry of the lava produces different erupting styles and different landscapes as a result. And you can learn more about this through the medium of custard!

Journey to the Centre of the Pizza

Learn all about the structure of the Earth using different toppings on a pizza.