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Jo Morris is an award-winning science communicator and food producer. She spent eight years studying geosciences at university that provided opportunities to travel the world in search of volcanoes and fossils. In 2015 she travelled to Madagascar to study the flora and fauna of mangroves. In her spare time, she likes to grow vegetables, try out tasty recipes, train for triathlons and spend time with family and friends.


To share her scientific passion, she set up SciRecipes in 2016. She is now learning how to run her own business, writing updates on her Geology Girl Rocks blog and will soon be creating a charity called The GGR Foundation. She has learnt some really cool stuff and her aim is to share it with you.


Like the idea of baking and learning some science at the same time?  Then why not try a SciRecipe for free.  Marshmallow Crinoid Bars are simple and tasty to bake and make the perfect snack for day trip out.  Read the 'sciency' bit to learn about these amazing sea creatures that have lived in our seas for nearly half a billion years!  All you have to do is subscribe to SciRecipes.  We will send you information on new products, our events and generally keep you informed on exciting news.  Once you have verified your address you will be sent an email with a link to your FREE SciRecipe.

Marshmallow Crinoid Bars
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Kath - Amazon review

So good I bought two.  I loved the illustrations and the explanations of the science bit.  The recipes are really well explained, and the topics are fun too.

Guild of Fine Food
Giant's Causeway Oatcakes

Very informative, educational cookery kit with a great design as well as easy to follow instructions...We felt that the savoury biscuits had a wholesome flavour, fresh snap and good balance of salt and would partner well with cheese or dips

Natalie - Amazon review

What an amazing book, I've learnt so much from it and also helped my cooking skills.  BEAUTIFUL illustrations, imaginative recipes! 10/10 highly recommend.

Guild of Fine Food
Saturn's Bagel Rings

A cleverly constructed and informative kit that we enjoyed creating whilst following the well-designed instructions.  This kit made baking fun and we were delighted that we produced eight even, well risen and dark golden bagels.

Miss M - Amazon review

Really neat concept, I enjoyed reading through "the sciency bit" for each themed recipe.  While enjoying the food, the book also served as a great conversation starter...we've all learnt new things about fascinating topics.