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By combining tasty ingredients, experimentation with flavours and a little baking know-how we bring science to life

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-  Baking Kits  -

Baking kits that will fit through most letter boxes.  Contains all the dry ingredients needed, recipe card and sciency bit.


Like the Large Hadron Collider, SciRecipes smashes together science and baking to turn the complex into something simple and tasty.  Whether you are perplexed by pulsars or flummoxed by fusion our mission is to teach everyone a little more about the planet they live on and the scientific principles that govern it.


We achieve this by modifying common recipes in a way that can explain something scientific.  For example, the recipe for Coprolite Cupcakes is a simple vanilla sponge with a swirl of chocolate buttercream.  Each recipe includes a ‘sciency bit’ that teaches the principle behind the name, in this case, coprolite being the geological name given to fossilised poo.

So whether you are a kid looking for a fun way to learn science, a parent looking for a rainy-day activity, a friend looking for the perfect gift for a grown-up geek or someone that wants to make cake day in the office a little more exciting SciRecipes has something for you!


Journey to the Centre of the Pizza

Learn about the structure of the Earth by using different toppings. Read about what the Earth is made of and who made the discoveries.