Who is SciRecipes for?

Everyone! Here is a list of ideas of who or what you can buy SciRecipes for... - Rainy day activity to keep the kids occupied - Secret santa gifts - Children's birthday party activity - Grown-up geek's birthday party activity - Grandchild's present - After school club - Guide/Scout group - Wedding favours for guests

Do you cater for people with allergies?

There are a varied mix of recipes from savoury to sweet included in the SciRecipes range. Common allergens are listed the product description on the website for each baking kit so you know what you will be getting. Unfortunately these cannot be altered to suit every dietary requirement. Alternatively, you can purchase a recipe book and substitute the ingredients necessary to suit your allergy.

How did SciRecipes begin?

The idea for SciRecipes (as in Science & Recipes) was born in 2010. The idea cropped out whilst holding bake sales at university. The Great British Bake Off was growing in popularity and cake seemed to bring people together where conversations would turn to the different types of work they did. An idea started to form from wondering if you could combine the two and produce baked items that explained the science you were studying. Well life and work got in the way of any further development until 2016. They were first introduced on the Geology Girl Rocks website as Rock Bakes. The idea slowly started to grow in popularity and it soon became apparent they would need their own website. Work began in the Spring of 2017, the name got changed to SciRecipes and was launched in May 2017

I'm colour blind and struggling to read the recipes and sciency bit.

No problem! If you let us know what colours you can see we can print you a recipe card in those instead. Large print and braille versions are available as well.